Your Personal Energy Upgrade

Your upgrade will be available starting sometime February 26.
This experience is email based so you will need to sign up below.

to sign up. I don’t mean to make you do it this way but I don’t have a better way at this time.

Now that all “the regulars” are sorted out- for those of you that are new around here I am going to give a bit of info on what this is now.

Over a few weeks time I am going to provide you with a variety of things to do as well as think about which are aimed at creating a personal practice based on what is going on in your life at the very moment you choose to do a practice. Ideally certain areas are addressed daily and these areas are specifically approached to increase the understanding of your “energy body” and to find ways to feel good even when you don’t quite like what is going on in your life. I will also include yoga practices- classes and pose upgrades although these details aren’t quite decided yet.

I have also teamed up with some extremely awesome people who will help me provide you with ideas outside of what I am offering- from intuitive readings, to crystal grids, meditations, nutrition and more.

Please stay tuned- and sign up now.

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Excited to UPGRADE!

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