Yoga Studio Locations

-Yoga Mayu- Noe Valley

-Yoga Tree SF Castro

-Yoga Tree SF 6th Ave- Inner Richmond

Right now my schedule consists of classes at three different locations in San Francisco. Below you will find a general description of the experience at each of them.

All studios have rental mats and some kind of water- you might need your own bottle.

PLEASE be on time for class- it works out better for everyone.

Yoga Mayu in Noe Valley

For MY classes the studio is kept between 74 & 75- it takes a minute to acclimate so give yourself time. We have a wide assortment of props, a place to refill water in the front and changing rooms in the back.

Please arrive early- door will be locked 5 minutes after class starts.

Yoga Tree SF Castro

Studio is kept between 85 & 90. With guidance you can find the perfect spot- the room is large and it’s not possible to really keep it exactly the same temperature everywhere however if the group is larger body heat changes things. It truly is easier than you think to find the perfect zone- feel free to talk to me about it. It takes time to acclimate, please don’t be late. We have water refill in the back & you can buy water and kombucha in the front. Changing rooms are in the back- cubbies inside the studio. A lot of available props available.

Yoga Tree SF 6th Ave.

This studio is kept at 80-81 for my class. There are airy-er parts of the room if you need info on that let me know. Lots of props, water & tea.

(pictures in the future)

Weekly Class Schedule


3-4:20 Yoga Tree SF Castro


12 Yoga Mayu

3-4:20 Yoga Tree SF Castro


12 Yoga Mayu

6:15-7:45 Yoga Tree 6th Ave.


4:30-5:45 Vinyasa Flow + restore


11:30-1 Yoga Mayu