General Class Descriptions

For the most part I lead a “Vinyasa Flow” experience. My classes involve asana, movement, core (not “abs”), breathing, sweat and rest. I enjoy leading a fluid class that is not completely void of holing postures while also adding in imperative range of motion, joint mobility/stability and strengthening geared towards a long lasting Yogasana practice.

The most common description outside of challenging but fun is familiar yet different while also including simple connections to spirituality and philosophy. In my classes at Yoga Tree I lead mantra based on my current teachings- I wind through the same few over time while at Yoga Mayu I do in my 90 minute class (Sundays) if class lands on the Full Moon or the New Moon.

One time a week I lead a “Vinyasa Flow + restore” class at Yoga Mayu on Saturday afternoons.
This class is quite unique on my schedule – I just do this ONE and it will stay that way. This is a special blend of my “style” of offering Vinyasa Flow with very simple “restore” postures (1/2 hour). This last half hour has a VERY special addition and that is the SOUND. I play parts of Serenity Cycle album “Blue & Green” by Josh Sandifer (whom is also my Podcast producer).

Serenity Cycle Album

Weekly Class Schedule


3-4:20 Yoga Tree SF Castro


12 Yoga Mayu

3-4:20 Yoga Tree SF Castro


12 Yoga Mayu

6:15-7:45 Yoga Tree 6th Ave.


4:30-5:45 Vinyasa Flow + restore


11:30-1 Yoga Mayu

Upcoming Yoga Workshops

Serenity Cycle – RESTORE

Saturday April 6
Yoga Mayu

Join Faern for mellow movements and restorative postures to promote rest, relaxation, serenity and great sleep.

The entire workshop will be guided by nature inspired sound bath journeys to aid in alleviating anxiety and promote a Yoga Nidra like experience.

You will leave refreshed and relaxed ready for a great night’s sleep.   All levels are welcome!    Cost: $45 – Register online

Uneven Postures, Arm Balances and Finding Stability

image credit Rob kunkle

Saturday April 13
Yoga May

Come explore a unique approach to balancing in a variety of shapes with Faern.

You’ll leave with a new understanding of how to approach a variety of poses while gaining knowledge around how to move forward with safety and stability based on where you are now.

This workshop is for you if:

  •  You have been practicing a while and some foundations need a shift.
  • You are very flexible and you need help figuring out where and how to stabilize.
  • You like to explore new & challenging things.
  • You think Yoga Asana can be fun.

All levels welcome!

Cost: $45 – Register online!

Making Backbends Safer

Saturday April 27
Yoga Mayu

In this workshop we will move through a foundational Vinyasa Flow where specific areas will be highlighted so you can leave with an understanding of how backbends work for you.

After establishing a stable base to build our backbends on we will be able to explore safe stabilization & breathing while considering additions to the shape and explore techniques around how those can appear.

This workshop is ideal for the flexible yogi looking to stabilize and strengthen as well as for the advanced practitioner looking for new things to add into their practice.

Cost: $45- Register online!