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My passion is sharing a yoga / movement practice that guides others towards deep self acceptance while having a well rounded, breath centered and ultimately relaxing experience. Anything in life that is worth anything requires some work and creating a yoga asana practice with regularity is like creating your very own  road map for your heart and mind to follow.

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What To Expect

WHY people love yoga with me

– I’ll tell you where to put things.


-The music will keep you entertained.


-I keep you moving by focusing on intelligent sequencing/ which basically means I will include instructions not only for the pose, but for the transitions between them.


-The breath focus of the class will leave you more relaxed but also energized when you arise for the rest of your day.

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No Current Weekly Classes

No Current Weekly Classes

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Podcast has resumed – these are old episodes or rather the first podcast. My new podcast is called
Hungry For Apples Podcast


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currently in San Francisco
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  • One of my first yoga classes was with Faern.
    Yoga can be intimidating at the beginning but Faern knows how to make you feel at home and safe.

    She offers variations during class so everyone no matter their experience can follow along.
    She brings in the main and most important element of the traditional asana practice with a touch of modernism to create a unique experience in your yoga journey.

    Alexia Douat
  • Since beginning my practice a year ago, I’ve shifted towards growth, reflection, and peace, so thanks to Faern.

    There are so many parts that make up why Faern is such an incredible yoga teacher.
    First part- she is real; real to the point, real approachable, and real thoughtful.
    Second part- her presence is so powerful and energetic yet truly authentic. She is no one but herself and I appreciate that so very much.
    Third – her style of vinyasa flow perfectly intertwines just the right amount of yoga wisdom, exercise, and spirit.

    Faern’s dedication is as clear as day – she wants to share the benefits of her practice with us. She breathes so much love and light into her teachings!

    Courtney Wohlert
  • Faern is an outstanding teacher!

    ….her classes provide the perfect reset

    She is patient and provides in depth instruction throughout the class

    Faern also adds a distinctive touch to the class with great music, chants and chimes

    Jon Smith
  • Faern is an amazing teacher – her class is my favorite 75 minutes of my week and her workshops have been really great at advancing my practice. She really provides a fun space for an all-levels practice, answers any and all questions, works on fundamentals and provides super useful “homework”

    Emily C.
  • My favorite thing about Faern’s classes is that they are such a great mix of energetic vinyasa and more relaxing poses. She brings a definite “Choose your own adventure” feel to every class that I really enjoy.

    Inger Hogstrom
See You Somewhere Soon

See You Somewhere Soon